Help Create London’s Sustainability Centre

Sustainable places enable people to pursue a healthy lifestyle and pattern of movement, are accessible for everyone, safe and convenient, and encourage good stewardship of the spaces between buildings.

As a developing community asset the Westminster Ponds Centre seeks the input of the London community. The community consultation process is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and to help advise and influence decisions that allow the Centre to be a sustainability-focused place for Londoners and their lives.. Your input may be used to:

  • help identify priorities and issues
  • give feedback on draft plans
  • help develop a solution to London’s sustainability problems.

In the continued creation and development of the Westminster Ponds Centre, we strive to help both Londoners and the community reach their sustainability goals. To do this effectively, we need the input of Londoners to advise us on how to best make a place by Londoners and for Londoners that is both meaningful and impactful.

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