Accessing the Building

The Westminster Ponds Centre regular business hours are Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

After-Hours Access

Westminster Ponds Centre Co-Tenants

If you are a Westminster Ponds Centre co-tenant, you can access the building 24/7 using your FOB or building key.

External Booker

Meeting room bookings that occur outside of the regular business hours will require an Event Pass.

You will be asked to provide a $100 cash deposit, sign a release form ,and be given a mini orientation by a Westminster Ponds Centre staff member or volunteer. Contact [email protected] to coordinate a pick-up time in advance of your booking.

It is the renter’s responsibility to pick up the Event Pass during business hours; failure to come before your booking could mean that you are unable to access your room.

Unreturned Event Passes will result in the loss of your $100 cash deposit. Event passes must be returned within 48 hours of the end of your event or another agreed upon time with the Westminster Ponds Centre staff.

Create Your Own Space

The Westminster Ponds Centre has a DIY culture. This means:

  • Users of the Volunteer Training Centre are responsible for their own room setup and cleanup, unless otherwise agreed to. This includes putting debris in the appropriate compost/recycling/garbage bin, washing all dishes that have been used, placing used flipchart paper into the recycling, and wiping off the whiteboards. Failure to leave the room in a clean and undamaged condition will result in a cleaning fee of $50.
  • Please be respectful and book enough time at the start and end of your rental to account for any additional setup or cleanup time.
  • If you remove or rearrange tables, chairs, or other items from the room, please return them after the booking is finished! There are floor plans posted in each room.
  • If you require assistance during business hours, please inquire with a staff member or contact our Westminster Ponds Centre Coordinator via phone ((519) 936-9548x222)
  • Please hang up any signage on our walls with sticky tack instead of tape, which can peel off our paint.
  • We aim to be a zero waste facility – if you are bringing in snacks, please feel free to use our kitchen facilities (non-commercial) and dish-ware. Please wash your own dishes, separate your waste into the proper bins. Please avoid bringing in plastic water bottles or disposable cups or dishware.
  • Users agree to pay for any damages caused to the Westminster Ponds Centre, its equipment, and its surrounding property as a result of the Meeting or Event. Please treat the space and equipment with love and care!
  • Reserving a Meeting Room does not include use of the Westminster Ponds Centre workspace. The Westminster Ponds Centre is home to many co-tenants, so please be conscious of noise and foot traffic when using the Volunteer Training Centre.
  • The Westminster Ponds Centre management reserves the right to monitor all functions being held on the premises. It also reserves the right to refuse space to any group that it considers inconsistent with the purpose and policies of the Westminster Ponds Centre.
  • The Westminster Ponds Centre is not responsible for items left unattended, nor is The Westminster Ponds Centre responsible for unsecured rooms and common areas.
  • The provision of alcoholic beverages on The Westminster Ponds Centre premises must be approved by The Westminster Ponds Centre staff prior to your booking. Any unapproved alcohol distribution in The Westminster Ponds Centre Meeting Rooms is considered illegal and will result in the inability to book The Westminster Ponds Centre space in the future, a potential financial penalty, and potential legal ramifications.
  • Public bookings require payment via credit card at the time of invoice receipt. The Westminster Ponds Centre Co-Tenants, however, are not required to pay upfront, and instead receive a monthly invoice for any meeting room charges in excess of their plan’s meeting room credits.


In the event of an emergency during business hours, please alert the Staff immediately. If it’s a building-related emergency (i.e. water, fire, snow damage to the building) that occurs after hours, please call Shaquille Sealy at (519) 936-9548 x 222, or if unavailable, please call Phil Haid at (519) 936-9548 x 234.

Cancelling or Modifying a Booking

Out of fairness to all users of the space, The Westminster Ponds Centre requires at least three (3) business days’ notice of your cancellation or you will be billed the full amount of the rental.

If you are a Westminster Ponds Centre co-tenant and you do not cancel three (3) business days in advance, these hours will be deducted from your monthly allotment or overage charges will be applied.

The Westminster Ponds Centre Co-Tenants can modify or cancel a room booking directly in the Members Portal.

External bookers must contact [email protected] to cancel or modify a meeting room reservation.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call ((519) 936-9548 x 222) or email. The Westminster Ponds Centre and our team will help you out.


By renting spacing at The Westminster Ponds Centre, you agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify The Westminster Ponds Centre from any and all liability, costs or other claims resulting from any and all claims originating as a result of the Organization’s use of the premises, equipment, or any and all other facilities provided by The Westminster Ponds Centre for the Organization.

Failure to comply with the above policies, excessive noise, failure to pay for rental services, and/or damage may result in additional charges and the loss of rental privileges at The Westminster Ponds Centre.

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions about our meeting room rental policies.