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March Break event at WPC


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About WPC

Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment and Sustainability is a catalyst for environmental change. It will be a hub promoting environmental excellence, sustainability, health and wellbeing across the London-Middlesex region by co-creating resources, services and impactful programming.

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Sustainability is the foundation of a truly thriving community, especially in the face of human-driven environmental degradation and climate change.  As a gateway to environmental learning and innovation, WPC will be an invaluable new resource and a primary driver of our community sustainability journey.

Geothermal heating being drilled

Native Plant Sale 2023

Support local Environmental non-profits while securing native shrubs and perennials for your 2023 garden. The Native Plant Sale is an annual fundraiser that supports ReForest London, Climate Action London, Pollinator Pathways Project, Nature London, and the London Environmental Network. In addition, through the support of Londoners we are also able to donate numerous native plants to the Kiwanis Park Pollinator Garden. 

Native Plants of Southwestern Ontario

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